Pompom peg angel




Step 1 -add a face to your peg

I used acrylic paint – you can also use a sharpie although some pegs will absorb the pen colour12395648_10153780823229347_1017459876_n

Step 2 – make your pompom – I combine yarns together which makes it even quicker to wind the pompom


fill your pompom maker or cardboard rings – the more yarn you wind around the rounder your pompom will be


  • cut your pom pom making sure you keep the maker shut
  • put a piece of yarn between the two halves of the maker to secure all the ends and tie off securely – this is what holds your pompom together


Step 3 – find the centre of your pompom and insert the peg – the legs of the peg will hold the pom pom in place


Step 4 – add some wings


cut a wing shape on the fold of some paper or felt


Step 5 – glue the wings to the peg angel I use a glue gun – any quick setting glue will do the job 

Step 6 – to finish add some string for the angel to hang and a label with a Christmas message



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Merry Christmas



Complete change = transformation

We’re close to completing our change of life, home, space …….

We’re starting the countdown to the launch of our online shop, we’ve moved into our new home, we’ve shifted into a new lifestyle we’re enjoying our new environment.

A lot has happened in the last few months as we continue to live our dream and settle in to our new life in sunny Dunbar, East Lothian designing and making knitted home accessories and reclaimed furniture.

Our product lines continue to develop and our best results are produced when we collaborate.

Chairs restored by Eric, cushions by Jane photos by Lucy @designmeworld

And my favourite thing – one of a set of four classic nursery chairs with our very cute great nephew posing! Thank you Suzanne and Allan for photo.

Watch this space, our Facebook page, our @janerdesigns Twitter feed and our JaneR Designs Instagram trail if you want to be part of the launch of the JaneR Designs online shop.