Complete change = transformation

We’re close to completing our change of life, home, space …….

We’re starting the countdown to the launch of our online shop, we’ve moved into our new home, we’ve shifted into a new lifestyle we’re enjoying our new environment.

A lot has happened in the last few months as we continue to live our dream and settle in to our new life in sunny Dunbar, East Lothian designing and making knitted home accessories and reclaimed furniture.

Our product lines continue to develop and our best results are produced when we collaborate.

Chairs restored by Eric, cushions by Jane photos by Lucy @designmeworld

And my favourite thing – one of a set of four classic nursery chairs with our very cute great nephew posing! Thank you Suzanne and Allan for photo.

Watch this space, our Facebook page, our @janerdesigns Twitter feed and our JaneR Designs Instagram trail if you want to be part of the launch of the JaneR Designs online shop.


Limoges, France, Day 3 of living the dream.

Today we headed for Limoge – famous for porcelain and enamel. We discovered a pretty city centre with half timber buildings in subtle colours.

French Marigolds
French Marigolds

Behind Limoge cathedral
Behind Limoge cathedral

Old mixed with new
IMG_0288 IMG_0290 IMG_0291 IMG_0294

we found some interesting shops

war memorabilia

rustic table with modern Limoges porcelain

Traditional enamel used in an innovative way
had a lovely wander around Saint-Leonard de Noblat where we met this chap beside the post office


and relaxed in some lovely cafes …….

Pika enjoying hanging out in a cafe

Le Moulin

Le Moulin

We arrived in a storm, cold and wet we fought our way through rain that came vertically from the sky with dramatic force. The noise of rushing water filled our ears as we went straight from car to front door.

The next morning brought no improvement in the weather the whole day was dark and cold we spent the day indoors tackling painting jobs and rehanging internal doors. It wasn’t until day 2 that we began to appreciate our new setting. In the past Le Moulin milled flour and has a bakehouse beside it where villagers would bake their bread with the flour that was milled.

One of the first jobs on day 2 was to release the board that was stopping the water from flowing from the mill race to the river – the mill race flows down the side of the mill and it was washing bits of the building away. Within a few minutes it was reduced to a trickle exposing a lot of mud and silt. Having moved the board Eric stepped onto the mud to retrieve it – he had measured the depth with a stick and estimated it was no more than ankle deep. As his wet suit boot touched the surface he realised his weight was taking him down – up to his waist!

Shutter pin
Shutter pin
Bridge over the mill race
Rustic cart
Arun lily
Arun lily

….. and we’re off to follow the dream in Europe

Our Itinerary


We leave Dunbar on Friday 12th June with car, trailer, Pika and a sledge to deliver to a good friend living in a hilltop village in Tuscany.

After a stopover with old friends we haven’t seen for ages (great chance to catch up) we head for a night in Folkestone before going through the channel tunnel early on Sunday morning.

Through Trusted Housesitters we have arranged to stay in Le Moulin with Sylvia and Saffi her Staffi. Nestled by a river close to a lake Sylvia’s watermill has a list of jobs that need doing and enough space to put up willing volunteers.

Sunday 14th June to Friday 26th June


 We then head to Nice to celebrate Eric’s birthday in the first of three airbnb studios – a brillant and affordable way to see the world and live like a local.

As we travel we will be seeking out brocante and local flea markets to find artefacts and interesting collectibles for Vintage Recycled to work some magic with. On our list is lights, lampshade bases, lettering, small furniture – chairs and benches.

We will be posting on our Facebook page as we go and if you see something that you like let us know and we can earmark it for you and deliver it on our return.

On Monday 29th June we will be wandering round Cours Saleya in Nice looking for a bargain, being inspired and soaking up the atmosphere.


Click here if you want to know more about Twenty of the best flea markets in France.

We then drive into Italy and on 3rd July arrive in Calci to stay in a romantic stone hut with a pool on the doorstep.

On 9th July we meet up with Lucy for a long weekend in Florence and a market we came across last time we were in Florence (we had hand luggage only).

At the moment we are booked to return under the channel on Thursday 16th July.