Welcome to the JaneR Designs blog
JR Designs and Vintage Recycled came about as part of our choice to spend time doing what we love. We are two designer makers passionate about making functional beautiful objects to use every day and we are combing our skills to create a collection of unusual and interesting things that you would like to live with.

We have always been interested in what makes a house a home and we think it has everything to do with the style of the things you choose to live with and use everyday, our aim is to combine beauty with function to make desirable things.

 We enjoy mixing old with new and finding a new use (and a new look) for something that someone else has finished with. We also enjoy finding out and sharing the story of the things we use. 

 We have a history of making knitwear in East Lothian and this time we have chosen to design and make a range of accessories for you and your home. Made in luxurious Scottish super soft lambswool we have a range of cushions, hats and scarves in a glorious range of colours and Fairisle inspired patterns. 

Our workshop is in the historic, seaside town of Dunbar, the birthplace of John Muir, and the East Coast end of the John Muir way.

We are surrounded by inspirational land and sea scapes. The three historic harbours are busy and vibrant with a mix of working fishing boats and leisure craft, rowing boats, kayaks and stand up paddle boarders.

We welcome visitors to our workshop.


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