Alarm bells rang loudly in my ear ……..

We all know that what some people see as junk, others see as treasure and every time we go hunting for vintage goodies at a boot sale, an auction or a collectibles and antiques fair I realise the truth of that cliche.

Recently we stood in front of several tables laden with railway collectibles, scarlet signal finials reaching for the sky, signs, lights and several unidentifiable industrial metal objects and as we looked more closely we spotted a box at the front – a job lot of railway torches and lanterns. Our pulses quickened as we imagined all the possible steampunk style lights we could construct and we agreed a deal with the stall holder. 

As we negotiated with the seller another keen buyer began to rummage through the box – “would you like to buy it?” we quipped and yes we sold it on the spot (for a profit) without having even picked the box up. 

The alarm bells rang when disappointment set in. 

The tension between the desire to transform and give unloved objects a new lease of life and the ability to make a living by buying and selling is always with us.


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