Le Moulin

Le Moulin

We arrived in a storm, cold and wet we fought our way through rain that came vertically from the sky with dramatic force. The noise of rushing water filled our ears as we went straight from car to front door.

The next morning brought no improvement in the weather the whole day was dark and cold we spent the day indoors tackling painting jobs and rehanging internal doors. It wasn’t until day 2 that we began to appreciate our new setting. In the past Le Moulin milled flour and has a bakehouse beside it where villagers would bake their bread with the flour that was milled.

One of the first jobs on day 2 was to release the board that was stopping the water from flowing from the mill race to the river – the mill race flows down the side of the mill and it was washing bits of the building away. Within a few minutes it was reduced to a trickle exposing a lot of mud and silt. Having moved the board Eric stepped onto the mud to retrieve it – he had measured the depth with a stick and estimated it was no more than ankle deep. As his wet suit boot touched the surface he realised his weight was taking him down – up to his waist!

Shutter pin
Shutter pin
Bridge over the mill race
Rustic cart
Arun lily
Arun lily

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