Day 3 and we’re beginning to get our bearings – we have not been lost at all today. A combination of Google maps, online access to buying a bus ticket and taking a phone charger to boost the battery life when we recharge ourselves with coffee.

We are lucky to be enjoying a stay in an amazing city in a comfortable house in exchange for walking a dog and feeding two cats.

Sunday in Copenhagen is a relaxed affair, lots of families spending time together playing hide and seek in the park, cycling through the city.

We met the little mermaid this morning reclined on her rock with her liquid tail and upright pose. We jostled with the many tourists crowding down to the water’s edge to capture her image most with themselves in the foreground – selfie style.




We enjoyed a visit to the design museum and recognised many famous names, toys from our past and toys we have to play with our grandsons – Brio and Lego!


We were struck by designers who are using their talent as a force for good – little sun gives a way for children in developing countries to have solar powered light when everything around them is dark and life straw gives access to clean drinking water.




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